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    Bjorn, yes, i did experience an out of phase effect in the bridgemiddle position, because the middle pickup was a reverse woundreverse polarity version of the neck pickup, as both came from an eric johnson strat (they were matched for hum-canceling each other). I like mine quite high, but others like their to barely clear the neck. Duncan uses various winding directions and magnet polarities on different models.

    They have a bit more mids than the cs69s but other than that theyre almost identical. After my rather bad experience with a big muff pi with tone wicker, i am considering to get one of the following pedals blackout effectors musket fuzz, mi audio gi or neo fuzz, byoc large beaver or the analog man sun face. The magnet of the g string is higher than the e or h.

    Cheers! Bjorn hy im from montreal, laval just 15 mins north i tried to make my own gilmour model with my classic 70s model because his body is a 69 one so that was the closest i could find i replace the neck with a classic payers 50s model and i change the pickups with texas specials cause they are 6,5 ks just like the mexican ones that come with the 70s model but are custom shop insted of mexican made and they have that reverse wound hum cancelling mid pickups and are hotter bur keep the vintage sound. Bjorn regarding your article about the gilmour magic switch (neck bridge pickup), last year. My favorite tones are on shine on you crazy diamond, comfortably numb and coming back to life i would go for the 54s.

    I have nothing to do with bl, just thought your community might be interested. The 69s can be noisy with this slight hissing and they easily pick up radio buzz etc. Ps bl made the pickups for another great blues hero with a unique sound roy buchanans telecaster, which is what made me decide to try them.

    Basically, when i have my neckbridge combo switch on, i get hum-canceling due to the reverse woundreverse polarity effect used in hum-canceling pickups (i. Be careful! You have to have the same winding and polarity, or completely the opposite. Glad you enjoy my site ) all three pickups should have equal output although the middle can appear slightly darker.

    They cost a bit more, but are worth it in the end. I also have davids magic switch on mine, but neck bridge combo with all 69 pups never worked for me either. No, the sovtek muff, which i used on the tracks, is all stock. Like most strat players, i dont care for a weak bridge pickup. To me they sounded a little too bright and as you point out, they lack some of that typical vintage single coil tone.

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    Lomotil Standard Dose Of Viagra For Sale

    Fender Custom Shop 69 pickups review
    Hi Bjorn, Talking about that vintage style single coil pups, I’ve recently shielded the inside pups cavities on my strat. Have you also covered the back of the pickgaurd with
    Lomotil Standard Dose Of Viagra For Sale Ben trevillian rewind the pickup to be reverse woundreverse polarity and what a great job he did not only rewinding the pickup but still retaining the sound of the cs69. I also recommend replacing the cs69 bridge with a ssl1 or 5 for a bit more meat. I also have davids magic switch on mine, Man. The clip obviously doesnt reveal much in terms of davids tones but they seem to have great warmth and depth. Im not sure if fenders vintage windingpolarity match the modern one used on the ssl-5. In my black strat i went with bjrns advice and put fender 69 in all slots, i still am very very happy with them, Considering that the marshall was not a tube one. Bjorn, yes, i did experience an out of phase effect in the bridgemiddle position, because the middle pickup was a reverse woundreverse polarity version of the neck pickup, as both came from an eric johnson strat (they were matched for hum-canceling each other), Keep in mind that the gi. Personally i prefer the cs69 over the texas specials but thats my taste. Anthony and congratulations with your new guitar (and tone)! Bjorn i had the 69 custom shop pickups in a fender custom shop 69 nos strat that i bought awhile ago.
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    I love the early pompeii tones, so i may have to scratch the itch to try out those 69s some day. The cube series and similar amps from other brands are designed with price and options in mind not nesseceraly a powerful punchy clean tone. Im really not sure how flipping leads corrects a polarity issue, or if it needs to be corrected. Also, be careful with applying too much mid range to your tone. I had my sights set in duncans, but i am growing increasingly tired of the noise, and i just caught a glimpse of you mentioning the kinmans.

    However, personally i think that the 69s sound better on bright sounding guitars with alder or basswood bodies and maple necks while the 54s sounds better on warmer tones like ash bodies and rosewoodnecks. You dont need to change the rest of the electronics to make them work as a rule i would rcommend custom -1975 era and custom -present era. O crmv-sp encaminhou ao tribunal de contas da uniгo (tcu) o relatуrio de gestгo referente ao exercнcio de 2017. Hendrix and gilmour tones are totally nailed now especially with the proper fuzz face on the floor. Did you install this switch yourselve? I was thinking of buying a small standard switch, like gilmour has nope i got my local guitar tech to do it.

    I think that it would be a better choice than the cs54. Bjorn, you wont be disappointed with the ssl-5! I first commented on it here when i had it in combination with two fender custom shop pickups from an eric johnson strat. Your support means a lot to me! Thanks for the mod tip. Also, be sure to set the right height on the pickups. Then i used the bridge pickup with the slolo for fat old sun, and again, they were right there. Gilmour tones (i like dark side, but love pulse stuff) using texas specials or should i stick to the 69s? (i think i prefer the 69 to 54) my personal choice would be 69s. Bjorn oh, i saw deck mentioned you can flip the lead wires. Im a real airhead when it comes to electronics and soldering -) bjorn hey bjorn! I saw your new rig, it is really good! Any plans for a review and the large beaver and the cs-2? How different it is from the cs-3? Thnaks!a review of the large beaver is coming just need to make some recordings. I especially like the neck sound the middle pu is great as well, but like others i found the bridge to be a bit thin, due to lack of mids there it still sounds great, but i think i may put another pu in the bridge position. I was told by a licensed fender tech that will correct phasing, but does cause some adverse effect i cant remember.

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